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    This silver bracelet allows you to attach your choice of British Museum charms, all of which are interchangeable and represent some of the most famous objects in the Museum's collection.

    Iconic items from the Museum have been turned into accurate silver miniatures for this bracelet, and are as follows:

    • Lewis Chess Piece: The original Lewis chess set was found on the Isle of Lewis under mysterious circumstances sometime before April 1831, and consists of elaborately worked walrus ivory and whales' teeth pieces in the forms of seated kings and queens, mitred bishops, knights on their mounts, standing warders and pawns in the shape of obelisks.
    • Egyptian Hippo: In Ancient Egypt hippos were identified with the goddess Thoeris, who was thought to bring luck and protection, and with Seth, the god of storms.
    • Discobulus: This piece is inspired by a marble copy of a lost bronze original from the 5th century BC, thought to have been created by the famous sculptor Myron.
    • Egyptian Mummy: Based on the anthropoid coffins of Henutmehyt, this type of human-shaped tomb was believed to provide a substitute body for the spirit if the mummy should perish.
    • Kakiemon Elephant: Animal ornaments were a favourite in European homes, and from 1660 potters from Kyushu starting using this Kakiemon-style decoration of coloured enamels to create items such as these elephants.
    • Egyptian Cat: Even today domestic cats are associated with the culture of Ancient Egypt and the goddes Bastet, and this charm is based on particularly fine example of a decorated cat statue, featuring gold rings, silvered collar and protective wedjat silver eye amulet.
    • Greek Owl: This charm is based on the Silver tetradrachm of Athens which shows the sacred bird of the Goddess of Athens, Athena, the owl. The owl design remained unchanged on Athenian coinage for over 300 years, and the owls of Athens became familiar coins throughout the Greek world.
    • Indian Buddha: This charm has been modeled on the Marble statue of tirthankara from the British Museum collection, from western India, AD 1150-1200. The Indian faith of Jainism arose at around the same time as Buddhism.


    Product code: cmcfj35330
    Exhibition: Ancient lives
    Details: Create your own bracelet by buying a plain chain and your choice of British Museum charms.
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