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    The Phoenicians by Glenn E. Markoe is an illuminating insight into a lost civilisation. Located on the Mediterranean coast (near what is now Israel, Lebanon, and Syria), the Phoenicians are one of the great enigmas of the ancient world, celebrated as learned scribes who passed on the first written alphabet.

    Compared to the architectural and literary heritage of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Persians, with whom the Phoenicians came into contact in trade and war, the material evidence for Phoenician culture is fragmentary.

    But, as Glenn E. Markoe shows, enough can be teased from archaeological finds and classical and Biblical sources to build a fascinating picture of the scale of Phoenician naval and military activity between 1200 and 300 BC

    More about The Phoenicians

    The Phoenicians are one of the great enigmas of the ancient world. They were celebrated as:

    - Learned scribes, who passed on the first written alphabet;
    - As vaunted seafarers and merchants, who from the Levantine coast established a network of trading routes across the Mediterranean;
    - As skilled engineers, who built monumental harbours at their great cities of Sidon, Tyre, Byblos and Carthage, and
    - As gifted artisans, whose beautiful craftsmanship was noted by Homer.

    Yet they were also despised as cheaters; as unscrupulous profiteers, who kidnapped the helpless and traded in human lives; as a morally corrupt people who prostituted and butchered their children in honour of their gods.


    Bound in buckram, blocked with a design by Frances Button.
    Set in Imprint.
    32 pages of colour plates.
    Book Size: 10" x 6?"

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    Product code: cmcn434240
    Title: The Phoenicians
    Author: Glenn E. Markoe
    Format: Hardback (bound in buckram)
    Number of pages: Approx. 224 pages
    Size: 25cm x 17cm (10" x 6 3/4")
    llustrations: 32 pages of colour plates
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