A richly illustrated exploration of the history and significance of Hajj.
    The Bookseller, July 2011

    This beautifully illustrated catalogue contains stunning photographs of artefacts, sites and artwork associated with the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, as well as a wealth of information on the evolution of the Hajj and the lives of the people who have undertaken it over the centuries.
    Current World Archaeology

    It won't be an exaggeration to say that this amazing companion is a mini exhibition in itself given its tableau of 230 colour images which include historical paintings, maps, pictures of objects and more.
    The Hindu

    Islam, as a religion and complex of cultures, is in the news every day. It's a subject that non-Muslims cannot afford not to know about if they want to be global citizens. And learning about it through books like this is pure, stimulating pleasure.
    The New York Times

    [One of the] best art books of 2012.
    The Huffington Post

    Hajj: journey to the heart of Islam

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    'Proclaim the pilgrimage to all people. They will come on foot and on the backs of swift camels from distant corners of the earth.' - Qur'an, surat al-Hajj vs 27-30.

    It is a sacred duty for Muslims, wherever they may reside, to go at least once in their lives to Mecca, the heartland of Islam where the Prophet Muhammad received the revelation in the early 7th century. Drawing millions of pilgrims annually, the Hajj is a powerful bond that brings Muslims together from across the world. It takes place in the twelfth month of the Muslim year dhu'l hijja. Over the course of one week a number of specific rituals are performed which involve circumambulation of the Ka'ba, the cube-shaped building in the centre of the sanctuary at Mecca, and visiting key sites.

    Tracing the footsteps and personal experiences of pilgrims across the centuries, this fascinating book takes the reader on a physical and spiritual journey. The spirit of Hajj is further evoked through a wealth of illustrations, including personal objects carried by pilgrims throughout the centuries; souvenirs collected along the route; early travel photographs; maps; manuscripts; wall paintings; compasses and astrolabes; textiles and contemporary art works and images that capture the scale and emotional intensity of Hajj today.


    Product code: cmcf11759
    Details: Paperback: 9780714111759. Hardback: 9780714111766.
    Exhibition: Hajj
    Edited by: Venetia Porter
    Authors: Muhammad A S Abdel Haleem, Karen Armstrong, Hugh Kennedy, Robert Irwin and Ziauddin Sardar
    ISBN: Paperback: 9780714111759. Hardback:9780714111766.
    Number of pages: 272 pages
    Size: 270mm x 240mm
    llustrations: 200 colour
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