The Queen of the Night

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    This large Old Babylonian plaque, found in southern Iraq, was made between 1800 and 1750 BC. It is made of baked straw-tempered clay, modelled in high relief, and probably stood in a shrine. The figure could be an aspect of the goddess Ishtar, Mesopotamian goddess of sexual love and war; or Ishtar's sister and rival, the goddess Ereshkigal who ruled over the Underworld; or the demoness Lilitu, known in the Bible as Lilith. This book explores the symbolism and history behind this beautiful relief. The figure wears the horned head-dress characteristic of a Mesopotamian deity and holds a rod and ring of justice, symbols of her divinity. Her long multi-coloured wings hang downwards, indicating that she is a goddess of the Underworld. Her legs end in the talons of a bird of prey, similar to those of the two owis that flank her. The background was originally painted black, suggesting that she was associated with the night.


    Product code: cmc50437
    Price category: Under £10
    World culture: Babylon
    Title: The Queen of the Night
    Subtitle: Objects in Focus
    Author: Dominique Collon
    ISBN: 9780714150437
    Number of pages: 48
    Size: 210x147mm
    llustrations: 15 colour and 4 b/w
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