Ancient Board Games in Perspective

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    Papers from the first international colloquium on the board games of antiquity, supplemented by additional papers. Contents:

    The Earliest materials Homo Ludens: Early Board Games in the Near East
    2. Ancient Mesopotamia The Royal Game of Ur
    The Game and the play of the Royal Game of Ur
    3. Egypt Mehen: the ancient game of the serpent
    Were there gamesters in ancient Egypt?
    The Egyptian game of senet and the migration of the soul,
    The game of hounds and jackals
    The ancient Egyptian 20 field game
    4 The Classical World Board games and their symbols from Roman times to early Christianity
    Inscribed imperial Roman gaming boards
    Pavement signs and game boards of the Graeco-Roman world, a BM typology
    Late Roman and Byzantine game boards at Aphrodisias
    5. Chess The beginnings of chess
    Changing cultures: the reception of chess into W. Europe in the Middle Ages
    Problems with the dating of chess with reference to Shatrang
    6 Backgammon New evidence from central Asia for board game history
    India in the history of backgammon
    Notes on the early history of the backgammon family in China
    A late eleventh century tabulae set from Gloucester
    A brief history of backgammon and the design of the board
    7 India and the Far East Game boards at Vijayanagara: a preliminary report
    Horse coins: pieces for Da ma, the Chinese board game Driving Horses
    An Introduction to board games in late imperial China,
    Go in ancient China
    8 Mankala An overview of Mankala rules and variations
    The typological spread of the Mankala table for the above
    Mankala game boards as African emblems of status
    9 Miscellaneous studies The pursuit of Hnefatafl
    The history and rules of Rithmomachia, the philosopher’s game
    New World games


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