Matter of Faith: An Interdisciplinary Study of Relics and Relic Veneration in the Medieval Period

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    British Museum Research Publication No. 195

    A landmark publication exploring the relationship between sacred matter and precious materials in the Middle Ages.

    This book is the outcome of the conference ‘Matter of Faith’, held to accompany the British Museum’s exhibition Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics and Devotion in Medieval Europe, which brought together over thirty international experts in this field to present new research around the themes of medieval reliquaries and relic veneration. The result is an interdisciplinary study of a thought provoking and controversial topic featuring some of the period’s most beautiful and iconic objects.

    This title will prove to be a valuable research tool for historians, art historians and conservators as well as anyone with a general interest in this fascinating subject.

    About the Authors

    James Robinson is Keeper of Art and Design at the National Museum of Scotland. He was formerly Senior Curator of Medieval Collections at the British Museum and was the curator of the 2011 exhibition, Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics and Devotion in Medieval Europe. He co-edited the accompanying catalogue and is the author of a number of other publications including Masterpieces of Medieval Art, The Lewis Chessmen and Finer than Gold (all published by the British Museum Press).

    Lloyd de Beer is a Project Curator at the British Museum responsible for the late medieval collection. His academic background is in English art and literature of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

    Anna Harnden is a Project Curator for the International Engagement Department at the British Museum and was Project Curator for the 2011 exhibition, Treasures of Heaven. Her diverse research interests range from medieval manuscripts to contemporary Middle Eastern and African Art

    Preface James Robinson

    Part 1: Pilgrimage and Cult Centres

    1. To Be a Pilgrim: Tactile Piety, Virtual Pilgrimage and the Experience of Place in Christian Pilgrimage
    Dee Dyas

    2. Vestiary Signs of Pilgrimage in Twelfth-century Europe
    Janet E. Snyder

    3. St George and Venice: The Rise of Imperial Culture
    David M. Perry

    4. Stones of St Michael: Venerating Fragments of Holy Ground in Medieval France and Italy
    Lucy Donkin

    5. The Saint and the King: Relics, Reliquaries and Late Medieval Coronation in Aachen and Székesfehérvár
    Scott B. Montgomery

    6. St Ursula’s Cult and its Manifestation in Liturgy
    Kristin Hoefener

    7. Picturing Narrative and Promoting Cult: Hagiographic Illumination at Three English Cult Centres
    Kathryn Gerry

    8. Presentation of Relics in Late Medieval Siena: The Cappella delle Reliquie in Siena Cathedral
    Wolfgang Loseries

    Part 2: Relics, Reliquaries and their Materials

    9. A Recently Discovered Anglo-Carolingian Chrismatory
    Leslie Webster

    10. Grist for the Mill: A Newly Discovered Bust Reliquary from Saint-Flour
    Barbara Drake Boehm

    11. New Dating of the Limoges Reliquaries of the Stigmatization of St Francis
    Elisabeth Antoine-König

    12. Christus crystallus: Rock Crystal, Theology and Materiality in the Medieval West
    Stefania Gerevini

    13. Dressing the Relics: Some Thoughts on the Custom of Relic Wrapping in Medieval Christianity
    Martina Bagnoli

    14. Common Ground:Reliquaries and the Lower Classes in Late Medieval Europe Sarah Blick

    15. A Shrine Reunited?: The Collaborative, Scientific Study of Two Reliquary Panels from the Walters Art Museum and the British Museum
    Glenn Gates, Susan La Niece and Terry Drayman-Weisser

    16. The Construction and Conservation History of the Hildesheim Portable Altar
    Maickel van Bellegem and Lloyd de Beer

    17. New Discoveries Related to the Portable Altar of Countess Gertrude
    Shelley Reisman Paine, David B. Saja and Linda B. Spurlock

    18. Relics of Gender Identity: Interpreting a Reliquary of a Follower of St Ursula Samantha Riches

    19. Embodying the Saint: Mystical Visions, Maria Lactans and the Miracle of Mary’s Milk
    Vibeke Olson

    Part 3: Debate, Doubt and Later Developments

    20. Art as Evidence in Medieval Relic Disputes: Three Cases from Fifteenth-century France
    Erik Inglis

    21. Contested Relics:Winefride and the Saints of the Atlantic Churches
    Madeleine Gray

    22. The Horn of St Hubert in the Wallace Collection
    Jeremy Warren

    23. Preserved Miraculously: Relics in the Old Catholic St Gertrude’s Cathedral in Utrecht, Netherlands
    Anique de Kruijf

    24. Change and Continuity in the Display of Relics in England in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: The English Catholic Community in a Broader Context
    Andrea de Meo Arbore

    25. Bodies, Artefacts and Images: A Cross-cultural Theory of Relics
    Steven Hooper



    Product code: cmc0861591954
    World culture: Medieval Europe
    Title: Matter of Faith
    Subtitle: An Interdisciplinary Study of Relics and Relic Veneration in the Medieval Period
    Authors: James Robinson, Lloyd de Beer, Anna Harnden
    ISBN: 9780861591954
    Format: Hardback (Perfect bound, gloss laminated cover)
    Number of pages: 206 pages
    Size: 30cm x 21cm
    llustrations: 250 illustrations
    Publication date: May 2014
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