The Hajj: Collected Essays

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    The Hajj: Collected Essays is major multi-disciplinary study of the history and significance of the Hajj (the Muslim annual pilgrimage to Mecca).

    The 29 essays in this volume are the result of a conference that was held in conjunction with the British Museum's critically acclaimed exhibition, Hajj: journey to the heart of Islam.

    This volume provides over thirty papers on the history and significance of the Hajj, spanning history, politics, archaeology, pilgrims’ journeys, art, architecture, photography and material culture.

    A key reference for anyone with an academic or personal interest in the Hajj.

    The Editors

    Venetia Porter is curator of Islamic Art and Modern Middle Eastern art at the British Museum. Her publications include Hajj: Journey to the Heart of Islam (ed.), The Art of Hajj, Word into Art and Arabic and Persian Seals and Amulets in the British Museum.

    Liana Saif is curator of the Hajj Legacy Project at the British Museum. She holds a doctorate in Intellectual History from Birkbeck College (University of London) and a Masters degree in Renaissance Studies. Her research focuses on the history of Islamic influences on Europe particularly in the fields of philosophy and esotericism.


    Preface by Nasser D. Khalili
    Introduction by Venetia Porter

    Religion, Early History and Politics
    1. ‘The Religious and Social Importance of Hajj’, Muhammad Abdel Haleem
    2. ‘The Hajj before Muhammad: Journeys to Mecca in Muslim narratives of Pre-Islamic History’, Peter Webb
    3. ‘The official Announcement of an Umayyad Caliph’s Successful Pilgrimage to Mecca’, Harry Munt
    By Land and Sea: Archaeology, Hajj Routes and Ships
    4. ‘The lost Fort of Mafraq and the Syrian Hajj Route in the 16th century’, Andrew Petersen
    5. ‘Trade and the Syrian Hajj between the 12th and the early 20th Centuries: Historical and Archaeological Perspectives’ Marcus Millwright
    6. ‘Royal Ottoman Inscriptions on the Istanbul to Mecca Pilgrimage Route (Darb al-Hajj al-Shami)’, Mehmet Tütüncü
    7. ‘From Iraq to the Hijaz in the Early Islamic Period: History and Archaeology of the Basran Hajj Road and the Way(s) through Kuwait’, Andrew Blair and Brain Ulrich
    8. ‘The Khans of the Egyptian Hajj Route in the Mamluk and Ottoman Periods’, Sami Saleh ‘Abd al-Malik (Translated by Liana Saif)
    9. ‘A Longing for Mecca: The Trans- Saharan Hajj and the Caravan Towns of West Africa’, Sam Nixon
    10. ‘Hajj Ports of the Red Sea: A Historical and Archaeological Overview’, Charles Le Quesne
    11. ‘Ships that Sailed the Red Sea in Medieval and Early Modern Islam: Perception and Reception’, Dionisius Agius
    Travellers’ Tales and Colonial Histories
    12. ‘Travel to Mecca from Southern Oman in the Pre-motorized Period’, Janet C. E. Watson
    13. ‘The Rail Hajjis: The Trans-Siberian Railway and the Long Way to Mecca’, Nile Green
    14. ‘The Colonial Hajj: France and Algeria, 1830- 1962’, Benjamin Claude Brower
    15. ‘The Hajj and the Raj: From Thomas Cook to Bombay’s Protector of Pilgrims’, John Slight
    16. ‘Pilgrim Pioneers: Britons on Hajj before 1940’, William Facey
    17. ‘Eldon Rutter and the Modern Hajj Narrative’, Michael Wolfe
    The Material and Contemporary Culture of Hajj
    18. ‘Architectural “influence” and the Hajj’, Jonathan M Bloom
    19. ‘Depictions of the Haramayn on Ottoman tiles: Content and Context’ , Charlotte Maury
    20. ‘Inscribing the Hajj’, Sheila Blair
    21. ‘Weaving for the Hajj under the Mamluks’, Maria Sardi
    22. ‘Dar al-Kiswa al-Sharifa: Administration and Production’, Nahla Nassar
    23. ‘The Textiles Made for the Prophet’s Mosque at Medina: A Preliminary Study of their Origins, History and Style’, Muhammad H. Al Mojan (translated by Liana Saif)
    24. ‘The Mahmal Revisited’, Venetia Porter
    25. ‘An Early Photograph of the Egyptian Mahmal in Mecca: Reflections on Intellectual Property and Modernity in the work of C. Snouck Hurgronje’, Arnoud Vrolijk
    26. ‘The Islamic Pilgrimage in the Manuscript Literatures of Southeast Asia’, Jan Just Witkam
    27. ‘Ottoman-period Manuscripts from the Haramayn’, Tim Stanley
    28. ‘Souvenirs and Gifts : Collecting Modern Hajj’, Qasira M. Khan
    29. ‘Organizing Hajj - going from Contemporary Britain: A Changing Industry, Pilgrim Markets and the Politics of Recognition’, Seán McLoughlin


    Product code: cmc0861591930
    World culture: Middle East
    Title: The Hajj: Collected Essays
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    ISBN: 9780861591930
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