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  • The Portable Antiquities Scheme and Roman Britain

    An essential reference for archaeologists, this book contains important new data about Roman settlement in Britain.

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  • The Franks Casket

    Discover one of the British Museum's greatest treasures: an Anglo-Saxon chest called The Franks Casket.

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  • The Vale of York Hoard

    A beautifully designed book which tells the story of the discovery of the most important Viking treasure hoard to be found in England.

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  • The Shakespeare Cookbook

    Featuring fifty original recipes for you to recreate, this beautifully illustrated cookbook reveals what people really ate.

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  • Melanesia: Art and Encounter

    The first publication to document the British Museum's pre-eminent Melanesian collection.

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  • Egyptian Stelae in the British Museum from the 13th - 17th Dynasties

    An outstanding work of ancient Egyptian scholarship by unrivalled authorities in the field.

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  • RP 190: Catalogue of Sikh Coins in the British Museum

    This catalogue provides a general introduction to Sikh coins and provides access to the British Museum's collection.

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  • RP 187: Acropolis Restored

    Research Publication detailing the work involved in the conservation and restoration of the Athenian Acropolis.

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  • RP 185: The Cuerdale Hoard

    Detailed publication of the largest hoard of Viking silver known from western Europe discovered in 1840.

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  • The Lewis Chessmen audio CD

    An audio reading of The Lewis Chessmen and what happened to them read by David Attenborough.

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  • The Lewis Chessmen and what happened to them

    An illustrated story book for children aged 9-11 following the adventures of the world's most famous chessmen.

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  • Parthenon: Power and Politics on the Acropolis

    A narrative history: this is the story of the Parthenon building told through a cast of memorable characters.

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