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  • Basilur Tea Book Volume I (miniature)

    Five pyramid tea bags packaged as a miniature antique book.

    £5.99 Members' price *

  • Chocolate Fudge sweets

    A pack of traditional chocolate fudge sweets, made in England by Bon Bon's.

    £3.00 Members' price *

  • Rosetta Stone packable bag (British Museum exclusive)

    A bag decorated with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

    £9.99 Members' price *

  • Rosetta Stone luggage tag (British Museum exclusive)

    A handy luggage tag with the iconic Rosetta Stone print.

    £3.99 Members' price *

  • William Morris giftset (Guest soaps)

    A set of four luxury guest soaps decorated with William Morris' 'Strawberry Thief' print.

    £14.99 Members' price *

  • William Morris giftset (Hand care collection)

    A luxury giftset with decorative artwork inspired by William Morris.

    £15.00 Members' price *

  • Hieroglyph Alphabet magnet

    A large fridge magnet illustrated with the ancient Egyptian alphabet.

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  • Kimono scarf

    A silk scarf consisting of a collage of vintage kimono fabrics.

    £70.00 Members' price *

  • Rosetta Stone sheer silk scarf (British Museum exclusive)

    A sheer scarf with a design based on the famous text and hieroglyphs on the Rosetta Stone.

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  • Door Guard Yuchi Gong

    Door Guard Yuchi Gong, Yuchi Gong, Qing dynasty, early twentieth century.

    £20.00 - £150.00

  • Avalokitesvara

    Avalokiteśvara, Shengguan zizai pusa, Late Tang or early Five Dynasties, late ninth-early tenth century.

    £20.00 - £150.00

  • Mahapratisara Bodhisattva

    Mahapratisara Bodhisattva with text of Da Sui qiu tuoluoni, woodblock print on paper, AD 980, Dunhuang, Gansu province, China.

    £20.00 - £150.00