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  • Rosetta Stone sheer silk scarf (British Museum exclusive)

    A sheer scarf with a design based on the famous text and hieroglyphs on the Rosetta Stone.

    £35.00 Members' price *

  • Mummy portrait of a woman adorned with gold jewellery

    Here the hairstyle, costume and jewellery indicate that the subject died during the reign of the Roman emperor Nero.

    £20.00 - £90.00

  • Mummy portrait of woman wearing myrtle-wreath

    Mummy portrait from Roman Egypt showing a woman wearing myrtle-wreath and gold jewellery.

    £20.00 - £90.00

  • Roman Britain coin set

    A set of two replica coins from ancient Rome.

    £2.99 Members' price *

  • Hieroglyphs mousemat

    A computer mousemat decorated with Egyptian hieroglyphs.

    £3.99 Members' price *

  • Irregular pearl earrings

    Drop earrings made from real pearls and hallmarked silver fixtures.

    £99.00 Members' price *

  • Larissa cameo drop earrings (black)

    Earrings featuring a handmade glass cameo depicting Larissa, a character from ancient Greek mythology.

    £55.00 Members' price *

  • Geometric Button necklace

    A handmade pendant necklace by the British jewellers, Harvey and Quinn.

    £99.00 Members' price *

  • Jade tube and gold pearl necklace

    A one strand real pearl necklace with jade tube gemstones.

    £50.00 Members' price *

  • Shou Symbol necklace

    A gold-plate necklace featuring the Chinese symbol for longevity called shou.

    £35.00 Members' price *

  • Indian bangle

    An Indian inspired bangle with a hand-painted design.

    £2.99 Members' price *

  • Middle Kingdom bangles

    Beaded bangles inspired by ancient Egyptian jewellery in the British Museum.

    £110.00 Members' price *