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  • Chinese birds scarf

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  • Hokusai bird drop earrings

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  • Pastel Birds glass snuff bottle

    Decorative and collectable pastel birds snuff bottle featuring a design created by inside-painting.

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  • Celtic stylus pen (birds pattern)

    A touchscreen pen for phones and tablets decorated with Celtic bird patterns.

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  • Celtic ballpoint pen (birds pattern)

    A ballpoint pen decorated with bird motifs - a symbol of transience in Celtic myth and legend.

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  • Egyptian Birds ceramic cufflinks (British Museum exclusive)

    Ceramic cufflinks featuring an Egyptian bird image.

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  • Bird of Paradise brooch (British Museum exclusive)

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  • Flora: flowers fruicts beastes birds and flies

    A book illustration from 1620 showing the type of multi-figure sheets that were very popular in natural history at the time.

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  • Hokusai, Birds and Flowers blue magnet (British Museum exclusive)

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