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Price reductions at the British Museum online shop.

The British Museum Company is pleased to announce that all savings arising from the reduction in the rate of VAT from 17.5% to 15% will be passed on to its customers in full. All reductions will automatically be deducted at the till point on all goods subject to VAT.

Please note there is no VAT payable on books as they are a zero rated and therefore the price of books has remained unchanged.

How will this work?

All product prices currently displayed on British Museum online include VAT at 17.5%.
These prices will be automatically discounted at the checkout to be equivalent to the new 15% VAT prices.
This means a discount of 2.13% on all items. The total saving will be clearly shown on your receipt.

Why is this discount 2.13% and not 2.5%?

- A product selling for 10 has a price (excluding VAT) of 8.51
-If you apply the new VAT rate of 15% to the price excluding VAT (8.51), it gives the new price of 9.79
- The new VAT rate equates to a saving of 0.21 (10 - 9.79 = 0.21
- This equals the same as taking 2.13% (or 21p) off the original 10 price.

The reduced prices apply to the following product types:

- Art prints
- British Museum merchandise
- CDs and DVDs
- Clothing and accessories
- Food and drink
- Jewellery
- Kitchen and home
- Ornaments and replicas
- Postcards
- Stationery
- Toys and games

PLEASE NOTE We have added the extra discount to all our existing promotions. So if you are a British Museum member or have an existing discount code you will be able to gain your extra discount at the checkout. Simply choose the discount with the higher rate.

As a charity, all profits generated from the sale of product are committed to supporting the work of The British Museum.
Thank you for your continued support of The British Museum.